These are the masters.

Individual Masters

Every member of the class selected a brand or product they wished to elevate from their current position. This resulted in complete redesign overhauls, new strategic directions. and even introduction, revival or merges to return the brands to their once glory. From research, creating our own briefs, and lastly, an omnichannel campaign, it was all completed in one semester for one main purpose: Masters. There are only ten who have receive this title and the chance to present in front of an audience of their peers, family, friends, and of course, industry professionals.

Collaborative Industry Masters

If doing their own thesis isn't enough, each member in the class were formed into 13 groups while partnering with real clients, solving real briefs. Special thanks to Red Cross Canada and Oh Henry for giving their time and coming in to provide feedback to students' work throughout the semester. Students made adjustments, went back to the drawing board and pulled through too many hard nights to answer the not just one, but TWO of three briefs over three months. All to be crowned the winners of each brief. 

The Timeline:

April 4th - The Shortlist Presentations

April 11th - The Final Masters Presentations

The Shortlist Judges

Red Cross:

Alita González-Vučina (Cossette, faculty) Jay Irizawa (faculty) Ian Mirlin (Canadian Ad legend, faculty) Nabil Rachid (The & Partnership, faculty)

OH Henry

Richard Fofana (UM Worldwide, faculty)

Nick Goso (Juggernaut, faculty)

Martin Shewchuk (Board of Governors, OCADU, Previous ECD at JWT Canada, and Leo Burnett Canada)

The Finals Panelists

Individual Masters:

Ariel Riske (Lg2)

Christina Yu (Rethink Canada)

Director X (Popp Rok)


Collaborative Industry Masters:

Brian Sheppard (Saatchi & Saatchi)

Stephen Jurisic (Miami Ad School)

Meghan Savigny (CD at Manifest)

Winners: The Care Card - Defacto (Sabid Ali, Victoria Lee, Elijah Kamaras-Garland, Mavis Choo)

Second - Assured+ - Grain (Larissa Nodwell, Tiffany Wu, Samantha Lee)

Third - The Red Cross Paths - Toque (Rudy Cho, Yasmine Moghimi, Ali Forooghi, Franky Lo)

Fourth - Give More - Pomelo (Kaycee Diaz, Candy Choi, Janelle Choi, Magali Lafleur)


Winners - Redware - Nesting Doll (Reena Feldman, Kevin Valladares Doño, Lana Beiruti, Theo Peirson)

Second - Red Line - Cavi (Matthew Doyle, Francisco Uy, Laura EK, Yianna Apostolidis)

Oh Henry

Winners - Gut Grumbles - Grain (Larissa Nodwell, Tiffany Wu, Samantha Lee)

Third - Morellenials - Brutal Noodle (Olivia Solodko, William Lau, Gabrielle Gringas-Dumas, Maya Price-Baker)

Fourth - Hungerfest - Nesting Doll (Reena Feldman, Kevin Valladares Doño, Lana Beiruti, Theo Peirson)

Fifth - Hunger Stories - Red Eye Collective (Sarah Lycan-Lang, Diana Myslin, Jayme Clapoff, Katerina Colivira)

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