The  Final Presentations 

Thursday, April 12th marked the moment of truth. Our soon to be grads presented both their individual and group thesis works to the public alongside some of Canada's top creative directors in the advertising industry for a night filled with intrigue and anticipation.


Based on a fair and democratic point system, the selection of both individual thesis and industry work was culled to final Masters. The amount of exceptional and diverse campaigns made choosing our top 12 finalists especially difficult. In the end, our judges just had to be a little extra choosy. 

Individual Thesis


For our individual thesis masters, We had campaigns that chose to solve transportation issues, some that decided to reinvent iconic brands and bring them to the 21st century, many that advocated for notable causes, while others chose to turn something local into something bigger. Each brought something different to the table but every one of our thesis campaigns was notable in their own special way. 



Group Presentations

For the past 3 months, teams of ten were formed to do a pitch for 2 client briefs. The first brief saw teams creating a campaign to make in the know millennials discover and be apart of the the mysterious world of Apothic Red wine, while the other saw them step into a marketers mindset to create a campaign for sponsorshipX; a sponsorship marketing event that takes the conference outside of the banquet hall and into an experience based adventure every year. 


The contrast in the clients provided an opportunity for us to go beyond our limits and into a new world of thinking and learning which is reflected in the works we presented







Berkly Foster - Greyhound

Alana Ratcliff-Lake - Pokemon Go

Ninet Moon - Melona

Danielle Fobert - American Muscle

Brandon Baldassarre - Reid's Dairy

Vibeke Silverthorne - Glad Day Bookshop Ishleen Singh - Laura Secord

Alexandra McGuirk-Penedo - BirdSafe

Madison DeBeaulieu - Elizabeth Arden

Ivana Atlija - BMV Bookstore

Ray Zhang - BikeShare

Parker GN - Not For Function



Our Finalists


On April 5- our shortlisting judges were,


Joanne deVisser

                Brand Strategist, Previously at McCain

Cory Eisentraut 
                VP Creative Director at Havas Canada. 


Glen D’Souza 

                Executive Creative Director at KBS Canada


Alexandra (Alita) González-Vučina

                Creative Director Design, Cossette


Terry Lau
                Creative Director, Beehive Design


Simon Craig and Jean Paul Gravine

                Co-Creative Directors at send+receive

On April 12- our judges were,


Ian Mirlin

                Legendary Advertising icon
                OCAD faculty


Joel Holtby

                Partner, Creative Director, ReThink


Shane Ogilive

                Co-Founder at The Garden


Nellie Kim

                Partner, VP, Executive Creative Director at lg2


Ari Elkouby
                VP, Creative Director at JWT Worldwide


Andrew Simon

                Chief Creative Officer at Edelman


Winner for Best Campaign,






Winner for Best Campaign,

Apothic Red Wine

Honourable Mentions:




Matilda Aide   Ray Zhang  Kyle Shen  Ariana Kaminski



Berkly Foster  Taha  Meaghan Harris  Parker Galbraith-Nolan



Hani Tangizadeh Audrey Laliberté Alice Wang Mercedes Tuck



Tina Peng  Tommy Yong  Marcella Kinlocke  Mary Chen



Canadian Tuxedo:

Drishti Patel  Sidney Gagné  Vibeke Silverthorne  Ishleen Singh



Alana Ratcliff-Lake  Ivana Atlija   Andi Solowka  Morid Ahmady



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